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Timothy J. MacIntyre is an economic geologist with 17 years of experience exploring for and researching copper deposits. He holds BS degrees in Chemistry and Geology from Northern Arizona University (2002) and MS and PhD degrees in Geological Engineering (2006) and Geology (2019) from the Colorado School of Mines. Tim studied the Cashin sandstone-hosted copper deposit in the Paradox Basin for his master's degree under Dr. Murray Hitzman and worked briefly in uranium, oil & gas, and wildland firefighting before joining Ivanhoe’s exploration team in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Between 2009 and 2014, he worked on a variety of exploration projects including the Kamoa discovery, and advanced from Project Geologist to Exploration Manager. In 2015, Tim returned to the Colorado School of Mines to begin his PhD on the Kansanshi Cu-Au deposit in Zambia under Drs. Murray Hitzman and Alex Gysi. Dr. MacIntyre completed his PhD in December 2019 and worked as an independent consultant for Rio Tinto Exploration in Zambia, prior to joining Zacapa Resources in 2021 as Vice President of Exploration. Tim is currently serving as DREGS 2nd Vice President for 2022-23.

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