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Current Field Trip

Wet Mountains Field Trip: September 23, 2023

Field Trip Leader: Jay Temple, CGS

The field trip focuses on three different geological aspects: (1) complexities of the Proterozoic metamorphic and igneous intrusive phases, (2) three Cambrian to early Ordovician alkalic intrusive phases responsible for rare earth and thorium mineralization, and (3) Paleozoic through Tertiary geological development of south central Colorado in Temple Canyon.



DREGS' 2019 Spring Field Trip to the Paradox Basin and Colorado Plateau.

Field Trip Leader: Steve Zahony

(Below) Paradox Valley and the Dolores River (photo credit: Mark Iverson).



DREGS' 2015 Spring Field Trip to Canon City and the Hardscrabble District of Silver Cliff, CO.

Field Trip Leader: Steve Zahony

(Below) Royal Gorge and Canon City, CO (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons).



DREGS' 2020 Fall Field Trip took place on September 22, 2020, visiting the Central City Mining District.

Field Trip Leader: Steve Zahony

(Below) Jim Paschis chips vein at a hydrated copper oxide-encrusted pyritic gold vein of the Clay County Mine (courtesy of Roger Newell).



DREGS' 2018 Fall Field Trip to Gold Hill and Spring Field Trip to the Copper King porphyry copper deposit and Sunrise mine site in Wyoming.

Field Trip Leader: Steve Zahony

(Below) Several pictures of the group at Sunrise mine site (courtesy of Steve Zahony and Dr. Zhaoshan Chang).

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